All approvals are available for download as PDF documents.

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Injektionssystem TVM - PSF ETA-13-0052 (Concrete)   [7MB]
Injektionssystem TVM - PSF ETA-13-0053 (Masonry)   [8MB]
Facade fixing SDF10_ETA-11-0100   [3,3MB]
Anchor bolt TOX S FIX 7   [300KB]
Anchor bolt TOX S FIX 1   [300KB]
Anchor bolt TOX S FIX 1 A4   [300KB]
Hammer Anchor E_ETA-08-0345_vz   [3,8MB]
Drop in Anchor E_ETA-05-0139_(gv-A4-hcr)   [11MB]
SZ Heavy-duty anchors SZ_ETA-05-0067   [15MB]
STP Chemical anchor system TVM-STP_Z-21.3-1806 (German)   [10MB]
TVM Chemical anchor system TVM-STV_Z-21.3-1807 (German)   [10MB]
TVM Injection system TVM-STV_ ETA-05-0138_A4   [2,3MB]
TOX Injektionssystem TVM-STV-K_ETA-09-0258 (for steel parts gvz, A4, HCR)   [6,0MB]
TVA Chemical anchor ETA-09-0077   [4,9MB]
Facade fixings SDF_DIBt_Z-21.2-1278 (German)   [5MB]
TOX_Bolt anchors_B+B-U_ETA-09-0383 (vz)   [3,4MB]
TVM Injection system TVM-STV_ETA-05-0136_vz   [2,3MB]
TVM Injection system TVM-STV_ ETA-05-0137_A4   [2,3MB]
Drop in Anchor E A4 _ETA-05-0140_A4   [1MB]
TOX calculation software    
TOX Stati Fix   [15,3MB]

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