Minimum distances from free edges and corners of the masonry must be observed, as well as between individual fixings or fixing groups. The distances depend on the type of fixing, size, anchorage depth hef , and the masonry.

The minimum distances of approved fixings must be taken from the approval documents. 

In order for a fixing to hold, certain minimum distances must be observed to free edges and corners of the masonry, as well as between fixings. These depend strongly on the substrate and anchorage depth (hef).

When metal fixings are anchored in concrete, both edge (c) and spacing distances (s) must be twice the length of the values given for plastic plugs in Fig. 1. 



Minimum distances for plastic plugs depend on the building material und anchorage depth:

in concrete:
c hef
s 2 x hef

in masonry:
c 2 x hef
s 4 x hef

in porous concrete:
c 2 x hef
s 4 x hef